Music | Nov 28, 2017

Jameel Terrell Wilson aka Jet Wilson is a hip hop artist born in Providence Rhode Island, he’s now living in Georgia and coming out of the ATL with some new vibes. At 25 years old he’s been grinding the scene since 2008. When at 16 he took the fateful jump into the game with some great success.

Already having done business with MTV VHI and Viacom we are hoping for big things for Jet. His wide range of cadences and lyrics showcases his early influences of R&B, Pop, Soul and Hip Hop which can all be heard in his music.

Never one to settle Jet pursued his certification of Digital Entertainment from Clayton State University. Business acumen, musical talent, and a creative mind make Jet a force to be reckoned with. His song “Roll Up” Is a personal favorite. It’s the perfect smooth ride to burn one to and vibe. Check him out below: 

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