Fashion | Apr 18, 2017

Finding things to wear is fun. Expressing yourself through clothing makes your individuality stand out. Clothing is something you can extend to show your personality. While some people see streetwear as baggy clothes, ripped jeans, bland colors, Streetwear is much more than that. It’s a way of life. That’s why we chose to put some dope looks together for you guys. Some including The classics and some including other styles. Nonetheless all comfortable. Let's start with a look that I put together not too long ago. It’s simple, the colors accentuate, and the outfit works together.

Simple distressed jeans with the army fatigue green and a dash of red to bring color with the outfit. Throw in a red or black snapback or fitted (Chicago Bulls anyone?) and it’ll complete the outfit more. More important, the outfit is comfortable and it still looks good. Grab the whole outfit via the links below:

The Jeans: European/American style Distressed Jeans from Alibaba

The Shoes: Nike SB Koston Hypervulc

The Shirt: Stylco

This next look is soft, sexy and bold. Something that's bold yet subtle at the same time. It features the StyleOnEm Leggings from our shop and American Eagle’s Soft and Sexy Line. Also super comfy.

Its perfect for those spring/summer days where it’s not too hot out, but the sun is shining. The orange contrasts the outfit and gives it life.

Here’s the links to make the outfit:

The Shirt: AEO Soft and Sexy V Neck

The Leggings: StyleOnEm Leggings

The Hat: S Logo Dad Hat

The Shoes are generic Converse style shoes. Switch it up with heels to create a more edgy look. 

Also add a silver necklace to further complete the outfit. The shirt has multiple colors as well. Just in case orange isn’t your favorite.

Last but not least, here’s a definite spring/summer look that will turn heads. Colorful and bold, this is something you can wear, look flashy, and still be comfortable. Pair with a silver necklace or just a silver watch for a more flashy look.

The Hat: STYLCO Snapback

The Shirt: #StyleOnEm

The Jeans: Hollister Co. Classic Straight Jeans

The Shoes: Converse Chuck Taylor All Star High Tops

All in all, style is a form as an expression. Take these looks and make your own style. Switch it up any way you want. But most importantly, be yourself and #StyleOnEm

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