Music | Jan 26, 2018

Zaya Daens is the type of performer that defines hip hop and gives a real soul to R & B. His dedication to those around him pours out of his music and personality.  When he is not busy in the studio he is out helping the youth. Facing trials and tribulations from his hometown of Chicago to the city he was raised in Cedar Rapids, Zaya has faced them head on and became a community leader and a role model to the local kids. His compassion and desire to help people seeps through his music. 

He is also quite the versatile artist giving us songs like “Deuce and a Quarter” and “I’m Living.” Each one offering a different vibe for different times. Personally, up or down “I’m Living” is the type of song that conjures up big dreams and hopes. Zaya has the talent and the personality that has us over at Style hoping for big dreams for him. 

Zaya got his start with his group of longtime friends, Big Bang. Big Bang saw local success and has collaborated with the likes of Whiz and many others. Most recently the group has taken time to focus on developing themselves as individuals and in the process, have become beacons to their local community.  

A lot of people claim it but this man means it. Zaya is all about that business, the hardest working man in the business. A strong believer in paying it forward you can find him helping at a shelter, or kicking some knowledge to the youngins. In between the man has so many jobs and hustles it is almost impossible to list them all. One thing is for sure though, with a work ethic like that, when he says he is living, you can’t even doubt it. And if you don’t have him on your playlist you can’t say you are living! 

Check him out below.

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