Frequently Asked Questions

Do you guys make custom clothing?

The short answer is no. Our clothing company is a brand, a lifestyle and an extension of one's self for whoever wears it. We feel that our brand needs to be defined. This reason is why we don't print custom clothes

I didn't receive a confirmation email. Did my order go through?

Sometimes emails get lost in spam or our email servers take a while to send due to overload. If you received an order number, then your order went through. Please save this for your records.

It's taking to long for my product to get here. Why?

Since most of our products are made to order, It will take up to 14 business days to get the product to you. During times of extreme volume, it may be longer. We ask that you just be patient with us as we're giving it our all every day.

I didn't receive a tracking number. When should I see it?

You should receive a shipping confirmation email within 7-10 business days of your purchase. This can be longer during times of extreme volume. If you don't have it, it's possible that it got sent to your spam folder.

My package didn't have everything with it. Where's the rest?

All orders are fulfilled by our warehouse and through our partner in California. Due to the possibility that your order may be shipped from two different places, you may receive two packages with two tracking numbers.

Where do you ship to?

We ship in the United States & Canada. 

I just placed an order. Can I cancel the order?

Unfortunately no. All orders placed cannot be canceled.

Where's all the rest of the old stuff from the old site?

Unfortunately, we took it down. We do plan on putting it back out so stay tuned and watch our newsletters for updates. 

I want to delete my account. I can't figure out how!

In order to delete your account, Email and we will get your account deleted within 24hrs

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